SQF International Conference – Cincinatti, OH November 6-8 2012

Cathy M. Crawford was a guest speaker who conducted two breakout sessions at the 2012 SQF International Conference in Cincinatti, Ohio November 6-8.

Managing Suppliers With an Effective Approval Program

A finished food product can be compared to a tapestry of complex components intricately interwoven by a blend of employees, contractors, and equipment. Just as one loose thread can unravel a tapestry, a supplier error can lead to food safety risks and recalls and cause “RIPS in the SEAM.” Remembering this analogy helps ensure the inclusion of all elements of a supplier approval program, one that addresses the Raw Materials, Ingredients, Packaging and Services (RIPS) and ensures methods for Selection, Evaluation, Approval and Monitoring (SEAM). Get practical guidance on how to set up a risk-based supplier approval program and leverage it to demonstrate continuous improvement. Learn how an examination of the relationships between Supplier Approval Programs, HACCP plans, and sound business practices will demonstrate the value of such programs and encourage stronger commitment to supply chain management.

A Guide to Writing a Better Food Safety and Quality Manual

Get practical advice and tips on how to develop an effective food safety and quality manual and/or improve existing materials. Discover how to select words and phrases that add strength and clarity while avoiding unnecessary language. Review common errors that lead to misunderstandings and examine several formats for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Learn why “manual” doesn’t always mean “binder” and how SOPs can have negative as well as positive consequences. Attending this session will help you communicate your commitment to food safety through documented systems of deliberate control over risk.