SQF Asistance for Transport and Ditribution Companies: A Module 11 /12 Comparison

A practical aspect of the SQF Code is that  it is divided into Modules, all of which are not needed by every company.  Early in the certification process, companies identify their specific Food Sector Code and this leads them to an understanding that the entire Code need not be printed and used.  One can save considerable time knowing what must be read and applied  or not. ( You also can save a good amount of paper and printer ink !)

Rather than discuss the entire code, SQF courses typically focus on the details of Module 2 and 11 because these are the most often needed Modules.

The HACCP Consulting Group has prepared a comparison of Module 11 and 12 for those companies trained using Module 11, but needing to ensure compliance only to Module 12.   That information can be downloaded here – A Comparison of Module 11 and Module 12 in the SQF Code.    We will be posting a comparison of Module 11 and 13 for food packaging companies soon. We hope you find this helpful and continue to contact us for assistance in this and other food safety system endeavors.