“How a Food Production Facility Designs a HACCP Plan” with Cathy Crawford January 21, 2012

BlogTalk Radio interview: “How a Food Production Facility Designs a HACCP Plan” with Cathy Crawford, Vice President, HACCP Consulting Group, Fairfax Virginia
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Duration: 35 Minutes, 2 seconds.

Cathy joined the group after 10 years working for a privately owned meat and poultry company where she was responsible for regulatory compliance, developing food safety strategies, export programs, and the recall system.
Her Bachelor’s is in Biology from Arizona State and Masters in food safety from Michigan State.
She also earned a Certificate in International Food Law from The Institute for Food Laws and Regulations at Michigan State. She is also a Registered Auditor for Safe Quality Foods. She has instructed workshops for the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.Cathy has provided HACCP and other food safety training to a wide variety of businesses including meat and poultry processors, bakeries, confectionary companies, produce companies and food service establishments. She also provided training for veterinary food safety inspectors in Poland in 2011 regarding U.S. Food regulations including HACCP.

1. Cathy’s background.
2. Analyzing the properties of each food product line
3. The crafting of a process flow diagram or chart of materials through the facility.
4. How to perform a Risk Analysis
5. Establishing critical limits through scientific methods and documentation.
6. Validating the HACCP plan by the HACCP team.

Cathy Crawford
HACCP Consulting Group
Fairfax VA