Are pesticides reasonably likely to occur?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the latest data from the Pesticide Data Program annual summary.  The agency found that in general terms, U.S. food does not pose a safety concern based upon pesticide residues.

The HACCP Consulting Group, LLC (HCG)  recommends that, as with all supporting material, companies ensure the data used for support matches their process.  For example, in this summary,  produce was rinsed with water prior to testing as this represents what the USDA believes is typical consumer practice.  If your procedures do not include a rinse, the data may not accurately represent the potential hazard as associated with your process and HACCP Plan.  HCG recommends companies maintain a copy of this report to  support your hazard analysis if your conclusion regarding pesticides is that they are not reasonably likely to occur.  The report can be found here –   USDA Pesticide Data 2012 Summary